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The Team


We are Ohana, Laetitia and Mathilde. Together, we form the core team of The ArtGency. 


Our role? Give to designers the time - and peace of mind - to focus on their designs.

Because that is what they are really good at. And that’s where they should put their energy into. 


In the meantime, designers can rely on our team to handle all of the promotional, commercial and administrative work: 

organising and following-up on events, call stores to sell their design, chasing unpaid invoices, etc. 

Ohana Nkulufa

The Founder & Artistic Director

Art, Design and Nappy lover

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By her own admission, Ohana knows Beyoncé*.

She is the Founder and Artistic Director of The ArtGency and, as such, works in close collaboration with the designers.

She collaborated with some of the world’s greatest designers in Paris, at Perrotin; and in New York for the French artist JR.

She founded The ArtGency in 2017.

Today she assists Belgian designers in their management and promotion: to make them truly shine. 

*Okay, she's working on it.

Laetitia Galesloot

The Chief of Operations

Excel, Fashion and chocolate expert

Laetitia joined the team in 2018 and is a true pillar for The ArtGency.

Her organizational skills and pragmatism make her the perfect Chief Operations Officer; ensuring everything runs smoothly. 

Mathilde Cézard

The Events and Marketing Manager

Fashion, good wine and sun (which is rare in Brussels)

Mathilde is responsible for marketing & events. Strong of her experience at Cartier, she handles everything with a great degree of professionalism.

Her motto: “Perfection is in the details”.