Yvan Brutsaert

Contemporary painter 

Yvan Brutsaert is the Belgian contemporary painter behind the artistic duo, Mira Visuals. Some of his art work is the very foundation of the Mira project.


His original and unique art pieces are filled with strength, intuition, movement as well as materials and colours. Sometimes cosmic, sometimes mineral, his art lets the viewer travel to the sandstone of his imagination. .

Yvan learned the art of painting during several years at Ecole des Arts d'Ixelles in Brussels. There, he developed his own painting technique with an affinity for abstract art. His goal is to reach a sort of perfect harmony in the forms and colours by using multiple materials as well as working on several layers.

The artist intimacy and introspection is all very present in his work. With a gesticulation that introduce some of his work into the "dripping" family.

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